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I'm Lejon Mumford from Detroit Michgan. I'm 17 about to be 18 on Nov 28th. I love writing poetry and I actually started after my father passed away in December of 2006. I wrote a poem in his Obituary that i thought was really good, and it took me three months to write again and my baby inspired it in march when i wrote a poem about my father on the internet. It sparked a lot of comments on Facebook so i pretty much have been writing ever since. Although since then my writing abilities have grown and using my two favorite rappers (Eminem, Lupe) I have pulled inspiration from their lyrics time and time again. Oh and i really have gotten alot of inspiration out of Linkin Park also. When I write I'm able to become any one, which means it's a different point of view thus my name becomes Notion because I am a living concept or depiction of everything when I'm holding my pen.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Detroit Lion

Until the lion learns to speak
His mind be trapped in the streets
Constantly running from the thought of think
Splashing puddles of what they bleed
Staining his paws and his feet
In a dull scarlet before they’re free
Living with no knowledge for the young to teach
In this cage Detroit City

I’ve seen the stretchers
The outlined chalk being measured
I felt the cold flesh’s hard texture
I’ve listened to the long lectures of the teachers and preachers
Giving me the run down on how the town was before my era
About how respect and morals use to exist
How we ain’t worried about nothing but what’s shinning on my neck and wrist
How our pants sag to our knees
About how our mind’s our trapped and forever never freed
With a glock as our sword and our shield as a bare naked chest
So we take in and ingest our death wholly
As the new age, the beginning of the end
In a time where a friend could mean death
Where a wrong perception could be your rest in
Piece place, with the worms tucking you in bed
With a fluffed hard tombstone
And I ask you, how can we possibly learn to create change when you don’t teach us to speak
You just complain and let us be

Until the lion learns to speak
His mind be trapped in the streets
Constantly running from the thought of think
Splashing puddles of what they bleed
Staining his paws and his feet
In a dull scarlet before they’re free
Living with no knowledge for the young to teach
In this cage Detroit City

Are you ready to see through our eyes
Can you even grasp a perception of how it feels to be the problem of the world
Of how it feels to fear waking up
Of how it feels to not know what the good days use to be
My best days were spent listening to a lil rnb in the back seat
And that’s only because mom wouldn’t let me see the tears dripping in her lap in the front seat
So how can you all keep judging me
What is there to do but get gassed up on the bul ish coming through the speakers
If you held buckets to catch my tears I would drown you
Because you don’t know the truth
And you tell us we should take a walk in your shoes
Well try and fit yo feet in my shoes and see just how hard it is having all that shit bottled inside of you
So tight that yo heart can’t beat too hard
That you can’t take too big of a deep breath
That we automatically stick out our chests
But enough of that, I was simba

The lion knows how to speak
My mind freed from the streets
I taught myself the art of speech but
My paws forever stained with my fathers blood
But more flows through me
And that’s how I survived until this moment
As a lion in Detroit’s concrete jungle

Update my people

hey so this is just some stuff that's been going on with me
i just got my debit card which is cool, but i don't know what i should buy first man it's so much stuff to be bought off the internet nowadays
and i also have that palm pre which i bought a couple weeks ago
i really want to buy a bunch of hot shoes just to get my sneaker game on point but i don't know where i should shop
and i'm not a rich guy i work at cvs where they aren't paying me enough if you know what i mean,
so people i need some bargains or something
so help please, give me shoe sites now lol
but hey i'm gone have something for my poetry people later on today and it ain't gone be like last time lol sorry about that

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Late For Work

Baby stop
baby i need to get away from you
stop kissing my neck
laying on top of me
body to body massaging my flesh
baby you know i need to leave
my shirt isn't ironed
my pants are not pressed
but the way you lay, with my lips so close to your neck
you know i want to taste it but
but baby I gotta go
let my feet reach the out skirts of that door
work is calling
but...damn the way you crawl to me
climbing up my body like a tree
makes me want to wrap these braches around you
let the beads of sweat fall like leaves to you
so so gracefully while i'm burring my roots
in that soil
oh baby... stop ... kissing my neck
see you got me thinking metaphorically about your love
at least let me call off before they call me
before i root this tree
and let you rain around feeding me
the waters of life
baby we moved mountains last night
but now your asking me to give you a dream
well baby i want you to close your eyes and feel my dream love
breath it
exhale it
and conceive us
while i simply take us into flight
in this morning's sunlight
over the city
so soft and delicately
Breath it...softly

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Name Change

So i recently found this guy in the great city of Detroit who has the same name as me or atleast the Notion part and i think i should change my name but what do i change too

help me out people i need major suggestions

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Thrown

Let me kiss that neck
and listen to my lips when the touch
here is my undeniable start to your completeness
i'll feed you my leanness
while i drink your weakness
and empower my fiendish need for a queenness
i mean goddess, to give me something so mythological
like an all night dreamish sex
to vaccinate my sickness,
but you can't cure my love making
just keep awaiting for your next eruption
because you will come, and come give me reasons to
come, and give you vibrations while your coming,
because i only come inside you to bring the life out
give me your might and now
give me sight,
because all you need is hearing for moans
your voice for screams
your taste so i can wet your tongue
and your feeling to feeeeel it all
and you kneel to a king breathing a breath of his sex
because you felt all that and i only kissed your neck
would you like a taste baby
because i serve perfection
without negligence of your needs
I will step off this thrown to give you a real life wet dream
just kiss my neck and try to breath
deep and slowly
now come here baby

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm Sorry my people

I'm sorry i haven't been on here to give you all that fill of good poetry and i'm getting back to it today but i'm in the works of writing something for Micheal Jackson, and some stuff for this play i'm doin but for i promise i'll have something pleasing to the mind for yall today

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Check my brotha from anotha motha out


hey if you really into poetry and you like the deep stuff, like lupe well check my boy out, and my followers know i would send them to no bulshit, just listen people, and i mean listen

Friday, June 12, 2009

Your Brown Flesh's Depth

Hey listen brown skin, this title your wall
Unclimbable, dedicated to your extreme fall
before your feet work in unity under you
That’s why you keep tipping over, and swaying to the side
Because you wearing that coat like a cloak instead of pride

You use it to have a reason to say eff the world
You make it your reason to degrade our women before they can evolve from girls
You waste the time of those you know and care about because you don’t think brown skin can change like cream does
You wear those the symbols and trust the ones who keep you cold in this world
You keep wearing less and less showing the jewels on your backside and chest
You drink vanity with breakfast
You have drama for dinner
Eating our world from the center
You waste of my color
We could’ve gave that life to a more deserving brother or sister
But it’s you Ms. And Mr.
Black person
So breath life in yourself if know one else will
And be limitless
Jehovah didn’t give us air just to waste a breath

Hey listen brown skin, this title your wall
Unclimbable, dedicated to your extreme fall
before your feet work in unity under you
That’s why you keep tipping over, and swaying to the side
Because you wearing that coat like a cloak instead of pride
Turn that cloak inside out and wear your skin like it’s gold

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Losing Me

I keep looking at your smile
And seeing straight through it
Don’t feel my hand’s when I touch you
Because your skin is such a foreign instrument
It gets cold on my finger tips

Your smell I want to wrap myself in
So I have no choice but feel you around me
Because in these public places
The other foreign people surround me
And I’m slightly interested in smelling them

That intangible cord around our wrists
Seems to have ripped
From all the strenuous tugging towards me
I did for you, and It only stretched until
it did the opposite of what is was suppose too

And some how repels me from you
I feel like I’m pushing together the backs of magnets
But you, you tend to smile
I wonder how it feels
To not feel me

You know I often laugh at these events
I laugh at that person in the mirrors
And as for this person they call me
I regret to even look in the eyes
because this thing that I’ve become is so weak

And I just stare in awe,
Saying to myself that I loved for you
And in the process lost me

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I'm taking requests

I was thinking about my next poem and what i
should write about and i thought maybe i
should ask you all since you guys read it, I'm
taking suggestions from all areas and topics ANYTHING,
no suggestion is bad just let me know

Monday, June 1, 2009

Angel Cake

I could hold you up to the light just to see my slice gleam
Envisioning my existence’s means
I can hear her moan like screams
When I’m licking the icing from the center of her layers
Hot cream, or is it Ice cream I eat a bite of this Angel Cake with
Baby stop it, please don’t fake it
Because your facial expressions tell a truth more greater than any other passionate utterance could tower over, the power over this flesh that I have is like a great mass or force of gravity
We are mortals in sexual combat, call it a bedroom fatality
Enough to make you bow to your majesty
I want a slice of you, a taste of your L I F E,
your emended essences trapped beyond those pink pearly gates or should I say
Your spreaded icing concealed between those layers of moist angel cake lips
French vanilla, the perfect ice cream to eat on the side of you
Or on top or dripping down or better yet eaten right out of you
See My angel I love o hear the sound of you
The way you wine like Jamaican mami for more of my extacy
The way you whisper in my ear “I’m the door to your pleasure walk through me”
Cuz I’m already running my fingers up yo thighs
I guess I could stroll through the double doors of destiny
Let me rub my fingers across your beautiful wings you slice of beautiful life
See I want to eat you off a fork and smear a little of you with my lips
Just so I have a reason to lick you off it
And the plate at the end of my slice and ice cream I won’t toss it
Believe me I’m gone lick like I’m a little kid until I get icing on my nose
Let me eat you until your wings fall off And horns come through your head
A devil’s delightful delicacy
And I want to be fed up with being fed so much of you that I get so pissed when you don’t give me excellence
That I over indulge myself with you next time just to make sure there are no imperfections
Sex-tioning off our love caking into different levels
To transition into consecutively
So smoothly like a melody
My angle you gone feel like you flying when you spreading that icing on me
Don’t taunt me, come to me
Now spread your wings
and give me a slice of you

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Truth

I've started my regress into my worst place
I'm starting to pick out masks to cover up my real face
I think i might revoke the door to my entrance space
I'm injecting my selflessness with a dose of selfish
to remold my appearance, without all that damn vintage

and a pinch of salt sprinkled over my existence
just because thats how it tastes sometime
and don't expect me to keep my own mind
cuz mine needs a little more mining,
to see if we can expose the diamonds,

cuz the lying at doing nothin but keeping my relying on re-lying
and the same story twice is playing yourself
the sirens calling me to that money clothes cars and wealth
but i gotta keep my head, and re-up my stealth
desiring that woman, the only chocolate i wanna melt

and beating these buckle debucklers off my belt
cuz reaching out with assistance makes them think it's more than just help
cuz I tend to share the aces in the cards i was delt
using the jokers on the closest to me
it's a new day and i'll bring in a new me

put a couple lyrics on my pad through my new Zs
the old ones didn't permit me to lyric my dreams
but i'm mastering a new craft, updating my scheme
and the plot is to turn my listeners into the fiends
and my fiendish want for brilliance in my speech

will seize because i'm past it

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Waterfall Sleep

I know about you and
How much you think about me
that’s why when you sleep under silk sheets
That thong is first removed like cousins
Boiling hot your blood starts bubbling
And you gasping for air accepting my celestial loving
Your body is screaming for you to touch him
And I’m whispering touch me
Let me get you higher than the stars you can’t see
With a hit of this blueberry stardust Cush weed sex
Chant my name
Whisper to me yo notions of sexual wishes
Your notions of sexual limits
Your notions of sexual positions
Your notions of how to take all my inches
Your notions of how to complete sentences
And n n n not stutter
Cuz I use this bed like a slice of bread
To melt yo flesh and spread you like butter
And as much as I got you licking yo fingers I can’t believe it’s not
And I won’t stop, because I stay so rock
Swabbing the deepest darkest decks in yo ship
And I can name that place beyond those wet lips
My cock pit
My Ms. Fantasize, water fall sleep, about me when I’m thirsty
because she says it’s like I’m drinking slowly from a doggy dish
Taking slow sips from her stream
While she sings French opera like
"E allor dicea, con flebil suono
L’estasi amor soave
Which means
"Saying in a passionate voice
our sweet love
And that’s where it ends because she doesn’t know any more French
But with every kiss to her chest the harder her little nipples get
And the deeper I hit
She’ll be speaking fluently French and maybe even a little Spanish
Waking others with her screams
And right before her alarm clock sings
She leaves my lips a kiss to thank me
For another hot fantasy in her wet dreams
See baby I know exactly how you think of me
And I’ll see you tonight in your sleep

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Pointing to You

You right there, I want to taste your love again
I’ll be patient but while I wait, listen to my poetry
Focus baby …
Listen to my odes about your sweet scent
Baby I’m damn near hell bent
On wearing your peaches, citrus like,
Woman abstracted perfume for men
I want you to look past my head and
See your toes touch the heavens with your heels on my back
I’m begging you to let my lips touch both sets of yours
Back… and forth…
So I can bless them both
So many women look me in my face and see a young brother
But baby..
Baby I will surpass your premeditated thoughts as your lover
I have the key and I dare to unlock the gates of your forbidden city
I guarantee when I twist inside and flick that clit
Your spindle will twist releasing a latch bolt
So pleasurable your will squeeze me tight while you pulsate
And that door will become dust
And become a walk way for our lust
Baby I’ll make those insides com…bust
And that’s when I’ll slow our body’s motion up
Because there is no need to rush
But I know you can get a little eager
When you think that I teased… her
But she loves it cuz that small quake starts in your upper thighs
Then hit’s your knees, and curls those toes
While they slide slowly down my chest
I know my poetry is intense…
catch your breath please,
And I swear I could see each time your lip trembled
Right before you scream
My queen please
Let me help you, help me
Open every pore on that body,
to help you breath my sex like it’s your last breathe of air
And you just lay under me and stare
You… and… I both just stare
You, You there
now is the time, I’m ready for you

I'm Back

Sorry everyone who was following me, i had been moving for a while and i had to
wait on comcast slow asses to come install the internet but nevertheless i have something
beautiful for your eyes yet, as a matter of fact i got two new poems and i'll post one tonight
and another tomorrow, and you guys can tell me how hot they got you

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I didn't know

I didn’t know I was saying goodbye to you
When I gave you tangible intangible love
What I gave you was beyond words but I’ll try to describe
Using these lips and
If I could describe your body the way I wanted too
It would be like four lines worth of ellipses
Starting off with the line
She was like an hour glass under a chocolate water fall
Where the sand froze in space because
Because time itself had to double take at such a creature being inside itself
You have never felt love so strong
When I stripped you of that lace bra and thong
Keep the high hills on
I saw the sun and the moon collide in your eyes
As our bodies held together so tightly
I’ve never been so close too…
So joined with in…
So connected in sync…
So far got damn deep…
So on the brink of passing the walls your body denies me reach
But I’m already feeling your stomach
So there is no need
Right there I gripped the bed
And I fed you a dream
Full of leaps and bounds off of skyscrapers
Attached together by the mountains stemming from the ocean floors
And right before you enter my seas
I told you without a word
Just a glance
To never worry and that I would keep you
For all time
Your mine
You looked at me with such awe in your eyes
But not with surprise
But with a look of acceptance
When you shook I held you
And told my baby I love her
I love her so much
I love you
That was the last time I ever saw you
And held you
And felt you
That was when I said goodbye to Love
Hopefully we’ll love again

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Men Don't Cry

Real men,
I don’t think you’ll ever find a real man crying
Especially over love,
but maybe under it
Because it doesn’t give you enough wind
To let out a whim
It crushes you as quickly as crushes do
As men we are reassembled in the image of the color our heart has become
And me
I expect to be getting a darker complexion
And some really dry skin
Because that cold dry hard muscle in my chest doesn’t beat any more
See we don’t cry for love
Or about love
Or even cry at all
We morn the lost of our blood’s circulation
Those water drips down our faces are just condensation
From the moisture of that muscle drying out and rising to our eyelids ventilation
Obviously you all have received altered and very wrong information
Okay Love the truth is
I hate you, the way you control every muscle in my being
I can’t help but keep seeing her face in every dream
Her smile, hearing her laugh, her having fun
All with out me
Did I deserve this distance that she loves
Why Love I thought you fucking wanted us to be together with her
But you come and go
But believe me I will not
Show this defeater of I,
my tears of condensation sucked out of a near non existent heart
Because I’m not going to cry of course
I’m a man

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Play my Blues Symphony

Tears emerge from my remembrance of bliss
Oh the way I dreamed for a kiss
The way I longed for your touch
Just a sip of your love

Every time I listen to that song
I get so emotional
Because I feel for you this way
But my heart hurts,

Because you are
“Just like a star across my sky
Just like a song in my heart
Just like the oil on my hands”

You are a part of me
The part that sometimes
When I feel tormented in my mind
I don’t want back

I want you to destroy it
Leave it in the dark when it can feel the chills
That life bills you
For being in existence

I don’t want to hear your voice softly saying
Good night
Because those are the worst nights
Because that’s when I play that song

When Corinne Bailey Rae sings
a song displaying a connection between two
That I long for so very badly from you
And piece by piece I rip apart my heart

And spread the pieces in your sky
And you don’t even realize that as we lie
It’s getting so far out of your reach
And slowly but surely so does me

But I can’t willingly let my heart stray
And it belongs to you
I’ve written your name on it in so many different fonts
That I can not stop my yearn

So I will stay with in reach
But know that I can’t turn off this song
This song that destroys towers
The towers within

They keep shattering and reassembling
shattering and reassembling, shattering and reassembling
And I am slowly building a wall
With construction I’ve never had to use

But I guess we’re born with such things
So I’ll listen to this song the singer brings
So let her sing, louder, sing
Louder play my blues Symphony

Quotes by: Corinne Bailey Rae

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


In solitude, where I can hug my shadow
When he talks to me, my ears widen
Because my trust is inside hiding and we have to talk him out
that’s why my Other lures me here
Because to control the whole being is key

And once I give him the key
He strolls through Atlantis at will
Until he is crowned it’s king, standing tall
Stilling our ears, and sleeping on our trust
Using all the strength we give and muster up

But it doesn’t matter,
My touch will become bigger and badder
The way they curl up in corners
Stilling paper to get there voices heard
Beating the walls with fists full of writers block

Cuz if they couldn’t touch pads the where would we be
All of me trapped inside
Without an inlet to plug out to
I think that would end me and all my senses
that’s why Atlantis is covered by my many trenches

All that gets in is feelings not people
And if they do
Their eyes would pile with the rest, because this extent
Is past human imagination
And I’ll welcome them to Atlantis, my special way

This is my place to leave you all
Just for a while, it’s my high, my addiction, my escape
My painting half night half day
Where my creations live
And words action like verbs

And adjectives compliment the way they live
Since you can’t fathom
I’ll proceed deeper and deeper into this sea
Until you look in my eyes and can’t see me, with my pen
Like a Siren of Atlantis, bringing me home

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Wings in My Dreams

I said to her
She said hi back
I said don’t know you
She said I don’t think so
And I replied I dreamed of you
You divine creature
You’re the one from my dreams
The one that gave me these wings
When I flew over the oceans and seas
You allowed me to open my eyes for the first time in years
And feel more than tears on my face
You gave me senses of sight and taste
And most of the time controls my dreams
With metaphors so enticing
The last time I dreamed of you
Your nails scratched my back while I stared in your eyes
And through these passion marks
Bright white wings emerged slowly as I dug deep in you
Making you so real around me so I could pull your love
From my sleep with out pulling out of you
Our souls connection
Baby I remember holding you so tight
as we floated in mid air
That was the first time I felt the feeling of flight
The moans of this world we trap ourselves in
I commanded you to sing to me
And you disconnect our bond and I see
You under this water smiling back at me
With just your wrist and hand reaching from the water, still wet
I can see water sliding down your nail bed
The way you sing like a Siren luring me to death
But I can’t stop falling for you
So I don’t until I stop right above the water, connecting my hands with yours
Then I drop entering the water and entering you
I’ll hold you
Don’t let go of me
Because soon I’ll leave this rest and we both know
So we Love with the grace of Greek Gods
Controlling the symmetry of the world around them
Creating Poseidon like whirl pools around us
The way I left my love inside you
There is no doubt you remember our Passion Dreams
She replied I do remember, I dreamed of you too baby
I’d awake in wet sheets, of course I remember you baby
But this is real life, reality
And we’re trapped in this place
Our passionate powers do not breech our dreams
So I replied, I know Love
I just wanted to know if you
Remembered the love that is me
Good bye love

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Pouring Chocolate Reign

this is my favorite one but here is the poem

I wish she new that her brown skin
held her so tightly and rich for a reason,
because unlike these leaves that change light and pretty then die off,
she stays a flawless oak every season,
These fakers of true bewitching charm
Don’t let them infect you with Vitiligo of the mind
Baby you are a magnificent sublime living, breathing, thinking
Aphrodisiac of our time
You are the word gorgeous in essence
A ravishing fascinating blessing
i wish she knew the beauty trapped with in,
That makes so many men create lustful sin
When they fantasize about tasting rich Nesquik from the stream
You should flaunt this gift, oil it and let it gleam
For the radiance of such beauty couldn’t be created by man
It is a god given design made to frame beauty
But that frame became the skin of a queen
When my eyes lay on you I yearn to feel it
that confidence is there she just has to wield it,
I say to myself silently, king me let me parade it
On my arm of course, but baby please
remember that brown skin gave you humbleness,
so don't foresake it,
harness all that cho...co...late,
and make their mouths water for a Hershey kiss's taste,
I wanna take snap shots of you from every
Acute, obtuse, straight, reflex, complementary, supplementary,
Adjacent, vertical, exterior, and especially interior angle
So I can show you the power your skin holds
Because the boldness of the slightest light hitting your pigment
Is riveting,
It is the calm and the storm together turning their backs to me
Because in and around me
That very second
Oh the Chocolate queen you reign within my mind and body
And no one can compare
So most of us guys get lost
In a mere stare
At royalty,
who doesn’t know she’s a queen yet

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Night Soundtrack

Most people listen to the sexual music
And use it to get a seductive mood when
It isn’t needed
All I need is the sound of your voice
Whispering your choice
of position, or telling me just how moist
It is
Because the smell and taste of bare naked you
Is more intense than a mere sound track
But I just want to let you know
That all I do
Is feel my head with the sound tracks of you
So many tracks on this ipod in my head
Of the way your body moans for me in our bed
So many vibratos, high notes, slow moans,
And stuttered speech
because your peach screams for me
So much that if I did tease just a tad to much,
it would show me leniency
Because of how deep I can be…
Especially when I speak,
because when I kiss and speak,
it can feel the vibrations of my lips and I can see
You shake…
Right before you scream, and began to moan a new song in my ear
Something for me to play back
But the real track is the sound of when I’m done with my
Peach lips snack
And you feel my depth
Pointing to your stomach, so you know and feel exactly
Where that diaphragm is located
So the vocals on this next track will be so powerfully sung
An orated emancipation to our loves down fall
into a sea so deep in our lustly waters
The creatures of the sea will play songs
So deep in sound like 808 drums
Behind our moaning releases with uncontrollable lungs
Thus the symphony is born
Singing softly cuuummm
And this is where the cd begins
As we get further inside
where these sexual beasts hide
Closer and closer to the point where “the denied”
Is deep in the back of our minds
We’ll have to label these next songs sounds of the jungle
Because the sounds you make
When I stir and shake before I take you my way
And I serve you to myself on a silk sheet tray
,separate your legs like two cookie halves
To release and take willingly the cream center
like oreo
And I know
you give all of it to me though
This the perfect music video
To our beautiful
Night Soundtrack

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Addictive Sex

Stop playing and give me your essence
I want you to bless it with your lips and tongue
i want to hear your moans and songs only sung
at the highest pitches
baby i know
believe me i know you have fetishes about me massaging your jaws
and in them i pause while you stroke it orally
with your lips smoothing over every shape of me
it's long and to the deepest parts of your throat i'll proceed
wet it...
I know it's your fetish to have your mouth erupt with me
taste my essence and treasure
how does that old saying go
"eat your heart out"
cuz i'll eat you out till your heart screams for my pleasings
and your result can drip from my lips
and i'll french you
while my hand lynches you
and i'm hitting your pressure points like i've been so tempted too
i have sentenced you to
life without pleasureless nights
and i know you won't put up a fight because
because i t hink the quickest way to your heart was through your stomach
and i know i reached it, i touched it,
I felt your moans in it before your lips released a sound
and baby this love is drugs
your going to be strung out on just my name
Say Raimone but let yo tongue roll when you do it
cuz while i'm doing it
your going to be losing it
until there is no nut inside just wet orgasms
and you won't have to worry
cuz i know you'll wan to pay for something that good
but i'll reasure you that it's on me
all of it ...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I listened and I wrote a poem called "Personally to J & J Thank you"

I listened in to my woman’s Jehovah’s witness meeting today for the Memorial of Jesus’s death or as they stated his “Ransom” for our lives and it was a great experience and I am so grateful to Jehovah for allowing his son to do that for us all, so it inspired this poem.

"Personally to J & J Thank you"

Thank you is a thousand times
Under appreciating this gesture
The undefined measure of your pain
And now I bow your reign
As a soldier of your gain

The Bread and Wine
These are the ultimate sign
These, your mark, a design
Designated for the bind
Oh ye who suffered demise

Thou who were surmised
Bound at the head by the vines
I bow to you
And with you give my thanks for your life
To every sunrise, given to me

Through your blood ties
I will lie in green pastures
Hoping to leave the holy flattered
With bruised knees, two arms and one hand
Only because they refuse to separate again

Because I must fill your ears
I have to, but not just from me
Older, younger, my peers,
Giving you, unto others as the gift you are
Drawing near, closer

And if I must fear
Of anything it is not thanking you personally
Washing your feet, to feel the power of your hands
And to pray under you unto the lord again
Screaming with my head bowed to the sand

Jehovah thank you for your first
Jesus thank you for your life
Thank you both for mine
And thank you for my super human ability
Say a Simple thank you

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What happened today and a poem called Sunny Smiles

Hey today I went to the mall for an on the spot interview and I think everything went perfect, I was confident and conservative, and it doesn’t hurt to have a your information In order too lol, although I was sitting in target waiting for my ride when I met a couple that had been together for 60 years now love like that is beautiful and that’s my inspiration for today’s poem.

In the sun’s light we sit
Absorbing so sooo much more than light
We take in each other
And we can for many suns and many moons
Breathe our existence as we

Your beauty with me is beyond commercial
The trials we hurdle
It’s our love made in the form to be fertile
Hopefully spreading like a wild disease
So that other people can again become human beings

And allow love to bring them to their knees
See they’re so blinded by the chains on these rings
But these chains are meant to connect kings and queens
And the throne you sit on is at the heart
Where you can reign

Through the thick, thin, sane, insane
In your darkest moments of pain
When you can’t rely on brains
Brawn… but the calm
The stable that won’t change

That will house you again and again
And I will obtain such a thing
This dream in the sunlight beams
Capturing the essence of happy people in our wrinkles
In our smiles while we’re laughing

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

check these shoes

i just saw these shoes on some one else's blog but the cold i had to repost them

Lost to a Song

I listen to it so much now
Every word is embedded in my memory
But I feel better because the artist can relate to me
I don’t know if the creator knows
In the since to fold for another’s will like me

But this song I knew not the words
Not a single chorus nor verse
But I would play it over and over
Until I was addicted to it’s rhythmic beat
And take me eternal seat when it plays

Until I listened
Until I listened to each word and verse
did I understand… my acquired curse
Because the notion of me is over before it began
I am nothing but her sands and only when

And I mean when she decides to let me fall
For the hour of space I get to receive
But this song eave verse was about love
Me and this artist are the same in this tamed untamed
War … endless War

This love man
It’s a pure sword and the end you gain your strength
So too will your heart find it’s way to bend
And if you have to bleed at the business end
Then do so with out sin

And if not either then stay confused like me
And become “the used”
Like me in a “lunacy fringe”
And that wall not to cross,
on the top you’ll still see my foot prints of my leap

Monday, April 6, 2009

Chase Me As Expected

I don’t relish you neither us
If you do not for me,
My dull memories crawl away at night in your absence
Practice my non existence
I’ve laid as a slave to your sleep for too long
I get your distance

Your name does register what I miss when
A simple utterance is mentioned
Can you hear me, just listen
Have thou been given a sentence
To uphold this like the life span of those bars
If I ripped the concrete would you then need me

I can’t expect you to betray your life
So I must disappear like lost thoughts
But hopefully WE can be rethought or
Recollected in truth because
What I relish is
To not lay a gentle finger upon you

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quiet thinking

If I could trade my life for yours i would

you don't have to trail behin stars as mere dust

just gast be left as proof that another was here

beause in a world of pitch black you don't have to rush

because it's the same every wer you look

you don't play back the sounds they made before becoming what they are

or how they dim when you think they won't

when you depend on he light they warn you beore their end

I would love to be you

at least for now i can retend

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Lips Touch Can Talk

Passionate touches
our blood rushes
and luscious kisses touch her hips
and her stomach and her breast
kissing the tension off her neck
and I kiss in a way that my lips submissively
cushion her skin as i softly press them to her flesh
and separate me lips on her neck after kiss
so she can feel me breathe for a sec
and think about the passion intimacy erect

taste me oh heavenly creature
that is you woman
I'll climb the levels of earth that is life
to taste the night
savor your light
while you devour my might
making a king weak at his site
but inflamed inside you
daring to breath your essence
I'll count back from eleven
from each orgasmic conception
that I pull from releasing your intercepting
dam walls
the walls housing my passion fruit cologne
the true beautiful smell of my own
and I will wear you in my dreams
after love scenes
when everything seems to find time
to lay in bliss

Passionate touches
our blood rushes
and luscious kisses touch her hips
and her stomach and her breast
kissing the tension off her neck
and i kiss in a way that my lips submissively
cushion her skin as i softly press them to her flesh
and separate me lips on her neck after kiss
so she can feel me breathe for a sec
and think about the passion intimacy erects

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blog updated check it

hey check out my blog tell me what you think

Regreting My Sense of Smell

She is so so close

I can smell her scent still on my shirts

I can feel her kisses so good it hurts

and i hurt so bad

that my insides flirt

just a little with the cold

and embraces it until it can't be molded

frozen block solid

and I become dressed, very well suited

I am no longer naked in her eyes

she can't comprehened my thoughts

she can't see my blemishes

she can't see how my beautiful heart relishes the thoughtof us

all she can see is an expressionless face

niether stronger, nor weaker

kind of like a mix of uncertin chemicals in all black beaker

she can't see me as i clearly see her

she can no longer see in, nor through me

yet she stays, and this is wat gives me

the greatest of pain

so so very close, so close

I can smell her scent still on my shirts

Friday, March 27, 2009

I Try form time to time

I try to taste the passion we had
I try to reveal the feelings i have
but what was had, seems to fade
and negate
that reality isn't for the faint hearted
because i can't lay with my self inside you
i can't feel that fusion of body and soul
like when our physical was so connected with our
hearts, that our minds could fuse at our tempos
and once agian i could feel it
but now we feel as if we're friends
completed with the barrier that blocks your thoughts
of even the closest of sexuality coming into play,
it stops you
saying you can't have it
and your thoughts are all wrong
you shouldn't even have them
and then it yells "cast them into the river
to drift with the rest of your shit
so you can finally... finally...
stop feeling so stupid"
insecurity is causing the frantic
the calls to dampen
and i realize why i feel the regret
because my chest keeps pumping
and it's cuz i'm in love with something,
not the some one i loved then
but changes happen though ...right

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kiss Her hand

My Achilles tempt me
with looks so tempting
those eyes keep I like weakling
Don’t concede because desire screams,
when bibles wave fingers like ...no please...

She is that right above feat, that makes me crumble to knees, only vulnerable to she, she is my skipped heart beat, my blush on cheeks, my stutter while speak, my reason for body so weak, my one more kiss baby please!

My Achilles tempt me
with looks so tempting
those eyes keep I like weakling
Don’t concede because desire screams,
when bibles wave fingers like ...no please....

She is it, that one you make miss, with that body so Zane novelistic, with those lips, that light hit, and reveal as the juiciest, those hips, that make life so sweet like honey on tongue tip, she would make a man lisp-ish from saying sexy to something so sweet n thick

My Achilles tempt me
with looks so tempting
those eyes keep I like weakling
Don’t concede because desire screams,
when bibles wave fingers like ...no please...

Brown sugar so tasty, two spoon fulls on my yams please, as I drink her like fago red in warm sunny, let my phraseology reveal to the, how deep black l o v e can be, when phrases like give me some sugar, brings lips together, then follows bliss, until we cease, and until next time calm relaxation, peace

My Achilles tempt me
with looks so tempting
those eyes keep I like weakling
She know she love it when
she see me, speaking of Nubian Queens

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Red One I think

I dreamed I was the red dress
That red dress that makes you gasp for air
When you see a reflections so rare
As the peel of a sweet plume draped in a silhouette of strawberry red
I dreamed that you wore me
That you allowed me to lay upon your soft plush skin
And you adjusted until I was fitted to your shape
And so eloquent, is the elegant way I complimented your structure
Your silhouetted love, I Love
And I loved to kiss the surface of this submissive body
And now I can fully savor and devour it
So I tightened up my fabric to hug your curves
Cup and squeeze your ass
And loosen in places just right
So I can drape and fall in between those thighs
To slide in between those peach lips and past that jewel
Over and over and over until you massage it through my fabric
with your finger tips in my rich silk cotton exterior
And you laid back in the bed while I enjoyed you,
Twisting silk around your nipples too
Spreading your legs and moaning sweet poetry
And the way it poured from your lips flowing in symmetry
Saying “red dress
The way you tighten and brush pass stimulating my breast,
Exploring such sensual tender versions of sex
Connecting your seems around my neck to make sure my sweat soaks you
Making me wet you deliberately so you stick like glue
Attached to me like part of my body
But you’re here to pull climaxes so far out of me
Beauty rains from my thighs
Wetting my whole backside
Widening my eyes and gyrating the muscles in those thighs
Red dress make me cum…1 more time”
And you dug into the bed with your long smooth sleek legs
Pushing away the sheets with your feet
Wrapping your fingers in my woven silk stroked that pussy
With your fingers so deep, moaning loudly
“I think your finger count was on three”
And when it changed to four I got to see
Your body move at will, and hear you scream
While I absorb the sweet scent of your being
I tightened around your body that sweated wonderful juice
That I drank fully
And I used my strength to squeeze your breast sculpted so seemingly
Without an improper seem
And your ass so plump but so submissive to me
the way it receded when I applied pressure to my squeeze
Like gelatin
And when inserted me wrapped around your fingers again
The way I shook with in
Was like no other
Creating a flow so volcanic like eruption
Spilling over peach lips
Allowed it to sprinkle down a mist
For me to later on sip

Poetry Slam Competition 1 second down the hole

First off Notion is Back oh yea

but listen i was at a poetry slam Saturday and i went against some really really good
artists and i made it to the next round but in these competitions they have a 3 minute
10 seconds rule, and this is my first ever Poetry Slam competition, but they said my time
was 3 minutes and 11 seconds, I know what you thinking what the F*** why would they do
that to me, and i'm thinking the exact same thing, but it's all good there will be other
competitions and i will be ready, but tell me what you think about it

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Dying to Live" vid

It's a Bird, No it's a plane

These heroes, they don’t know,
just protecting what they feel is justice,
we’re all human why trust us,
so they kick in doors and bust us,
but deep inside they lust for us,
wishing for just a couple paper cuts,
Just to see if their blood can rush like ours does,
because if it didn’t it would mean they would look for life just like the ones the sentence,
really look in a mirror judge and jury,
how can there really be security, I
f people like you watch over the well being of We,
I can look into you and see, the greed, the true yen, inside nesting within, when you yourself find a rush in killing a killer,
you savor the scent of dying flesh,
after a kill you inhale and exhale a breath,
filling your lungs with the drunken scent of death,
the deals, the cheating, and thieves,
we all live for the human instinct, Life,
and protect it without having to blink,
but you know more or less you should fear me,
and not this human appearance you see,
the thing inside me, that brings forth the disease,
and can spread it through a mere sneeze, cough, or a need,
yea you all need but not me,
I just enjoy doing what makes me, Me,
what I do is why you fear me,
I’m the one who sits inside pulling from within you, the truth,
that you too have ruthless desires to achieve,
and these killers are so easy too create,
I just use the heroes who love to save the day,
and I make them incriminate themselves,
and then point them towards the world,
towards little boys and girls,
you heroes aren’t close to matching me,
just wait until I assemble the final army…an army of me
The truth will be revealed

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009


The doctor told me I had fenkell blood flowing through my veins
From a feared nigga, a more than revered nigga
Where my legal tender a vendor, of tutorials when he mentors
The pocket pinchers, the lenders of equity illusions, patch pillers and killers, dealers of life, and death distributors, all while smoking a kool

I got his blood In me
This is wat made me notion
I ain’t nothing but a simple eloption
of pen dripping ink and man lyrically chosen
Done folding, I’m done sulking,
and I’m as open as a Caucasian money vault
So I guess I’m closed in
Or still closing, in on my ghosts,
That chase me playing different tempos of shots in the dark
On cassette tape, while the dogs bark
And they put the coins on my dads eyes to pay the man on the ark
Got me like who supplying the iron man, like stark
Man I’m a head full of concepts,
put together a called a man’s intellect,
So which means I’m a living concept
Wit a plan to dish out common since
Thus my notion, thus my name notion
And notion Is to teach fuck the bulshit and let truth flow like ocean
I’m done coping, I’m done moping
I’m done toting this load of ish on my back
Listen close n check the analogy
I ain’t have no beam in my building
But now I’m a beam in a building
Holding up yo dry wall connecting to yo ceilings
Telling me to stand tall under any pressure, no blemishing
Constantly yelling don’t mess up that good finishing
nobody teach me no beam can lean
Cuz I’m wats holding up the frame so if I loosen a seam
I might make these little pillars under me scream
So I’m gone continue to atlas like I do the emotions of my queen
But I cost so chi on four wheels,
past these old revolution leaders tryna raise a regime
And those be the gift of gab leavers
In the ears of the retrievers
Of the supposed secrets of the life eaters
But shit we all bleeders
Just a bunch of human beingers
So this is part of me, this notion
About this weed smoke coursing through my veins
The pain of the slaps and punches to the dame
Never having 143 to my name
I mean dame
If I was to reign
Like money assuming it’s position to fame
I would resurrect my father again
but I can’t
So I’m gone lay in the cut pain
And paint my insanity sane
And live my life as a mane
I’ll live for myself
Even though I got that deoxyribonucleic acid
I stay placid
And I’ll never look back at the flaccid
Cuz this life thang, only I can master it
So after

The doctor told me I had fenkell blood flowing through my veins
From a feared nigga, a more than revered nigga
Where my legal tender, a vendor of tutorials when he mentors
The pocket pinchers, the lenders of equity illusions, patch pillers and killers, dealers of life, and death distributors, all while smoking a kool
I said cool see
That means I got my dad at the heart
and his strength is still pumping through me

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello Down There

Live I told him Live,
and he arose with a pencil,
and a blank scroll,
the only too that makes him whole,
completes his stance, and stood,
then walking past the graves,
of the other halves of peoples personalities,
some fight from coffins to become escapees,

but dying off so the bones in the shackles brake easily,
and you can’t climb out of graves without hands and feet,
I try to help others out so they can help me,
free the half that is more than buried,
he was dropped down the well,
and the water so deep,
if he relaxed he would taste hell,
even leaning back would make his lungs swell,
with water so dark, and thick,
so when he can find time to take in a breath and hold,
I pass him the scroll, and the pencil,
but still he finds it in himself to allow his half of our soul to spill,
and the pencil becomes pen,
and attaches tubes to his hand,
so every word is written in blood,
and this happens again and again,
he must live, so I feed him me,
more and more then I receive, my token,
which is his words of blood,
and my true poetry,
me and him complete,
our life as we

Friday, January 23, 2009

Right in to It

Stroke her like wind through hair
And take the I out of this pair,
And leave par bellow this exquisite beauty,
Threatening to flood with her sea
I taunted and showed her with each pump
How a giant’s stomp on her ocean floor,
Can send twice the size of her small tsunami’s
Accelerating her juicy fast enough
To create clashes where her walls meet,
Forcing the secretion of myself inside these pools of she,
Baby your nails in my back hurt,
But please if you have to scratch while I thrust,
The please give more wet to m e
Her mouth wide open, lips releasing my name
Because I stoke with almost but not pain,
Delicate grace tamed, but untamed, love of real man,
I’ll melt you elegant love,
I’ll show you that we are not bound to this world
The way I do dips and slide fingers across pearls
I’ll pull out to flush your pool with whirls
And push in deep enough to make pools emerge again and swirl
Around my blade
As I cut down your levels of expectations for love making
And help you brick by brick build castle walls to house a policy titled “No exceptions” reading “no explanations just wax me with eloquence in Indian explosive sex position variations,
And trust me I’ll make my statements,
with strokes and slight movements for geometrical degree changes
I’ll enter your anatomy with the first stroke making rearrangements
Shaping you like a key hole to my blade and I’ll open your vault,
And be astonished when you g spot gets caught,
Reaching for my stroke
So think and swallow that gulp
Tell me now can you handle me
if you inspired the sexual god in a human being

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

6 things that make you happy

Hey I'm back i just got done moving so mh internet was off for a minute
but Notion is back and with some new material, and this too, and since i can tag
some one one this note the only other person i think hasn't done it is my baby
www.Love's_Notion.blogspot.com so baby i tag you

1. I Love my god

2. I love my mommy

3. I love my woman

4. I love writing

5. Music is always good to me

6. I love movies
Notion is back