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I'm Lejon Mumford from Detroit Michgan. I'm 17 about to be 18 on Nov 28th. I love writing poetry and I actually started after my father passed away in December of 2006. I wrote a poem in his Obituary that i thought was really good, and it took me three months to write again and my baby inspired it in march when i wrote a poem about my father on the internet. It sparked a lot of comments on Facebook so i pretty much have been writing ever since. Although since then my writing abilities have grown and using my two favorite rappers (Eminem, Lupe) I have pulled inspiration from their lyrics time and time again. Oh and i really have gotten alot of inspiration out of Linkin Park also. When I write I'm able to become any one, which means it's a different point of view thus my name becomes Notion because I am a living concept or depiction of everything when I'm holding my pen.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

I listened and I wrote a poem called "Personally to J & J Thank you"

I listened in to my woman’s Jehovah’s witness meeting today for the Memorial of Jesus’s death or as they stated his “Ransom” for our lives and it was a great experience and I am so grateful to Jehovah for allowing his son to do that for us all, so it inspired this poem.

"Personally to J & J Thank you"

Thank you is a thousand times
Under appreciating this gesture
The undefined measure of your pain
And now I bow your reign
As a soldier of your gain

The Bread and Wine
These are the ultimate sign
These, your mark, a design
Designated for the bind
Oh ye who suffered demise

Thou who were surmised
Bound at the head by the vines
I bow to you
And with you give my thanks for your life
To every sunrise, given to me

Through your blood ties
I will lie in green pastures
Hoping to leave the holy flattered
With bruised knees, two arms and one hand
Only because they refuse to separate again

Because I must fill your ears
I have to, but not just from me
Older, younger, my peers,
Giving you, unto others as the gift you are
Drawing near, closer

And if I must fear
Of anything it is not thanking you personally
Washing your feet, to feel the power of your hands
And to pray under you unto the lord again
Screaming with my head bowed to the sand

Jehovah thank you for your first
Jesus thank you for your life
Thank you both for mine
And thank you for my super human ability
Say a Simple thank you


Couture Carrie said...

Happy Easter!


Notion said...

thanks you too