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I'm Lejon Mumford from Detroit Michgan. I'm 17 about to be 18 on Nov 28th. I love writing poetry and I actually started after my father passed away in December of 2006. I wrote a poem in his Obituary that i thought was really good, and it took me three months to write again and my baby inspired it in march when i wrote a poem about my father on the internet. It sparked a lot of comments on Facebook so i pretty much have been writing ever since. Although since then my writing abilities have grown and using my two favorite rappers (Eminem, Lupe) I have pulled inspiration from their lyrics time and time again. Oh and i really have gotten alot of inspiration out of Linkin Park also. When I write I'm able to become any one, which means it's a different point of view thus my name becomes Notion because I am a living concept or depiction of everything when I'm holding my pen.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Losing Me

I keep looking at your smile
And seeing straight through it
Don’t feel my hand’s when I touch you
Because your skin is such a foreign instrument
It gets cold on my finger tips

Your smell I want to wrap myself in
So I have no choice but feel you around me
Because in these public places
The other foreign people surround me
And I’m slightly interested in smelling them

That intangible cord around our wrists
Seems to have ripped
From all the strenuous tugging towards me
I did for you, and It only stretched until
it did the opposite of what is was suppose too

And some how repels me from you
I feel like I’m pushing together the backs of magnets
But you, you tend to smile
I wonder how it feels
To not feel me

You know I often laugh at these events
I laugh at that person in the mirrors
And as for this person they call me
I regret to even look in the eyes
because this thing that I’ve become is so weak

And I just stare in awe,
Saying to myself that I loved for you
And in the process lost me


Breezi F said...

I so love this poem because I can relate. When you love someone too much and gove your all you can lose sight of yourslef

Notion said...

yea that's what i was going for and i appreciate the comment

Ms. Butterfly said...

What's up Notion! Ah love makes us weak.

At the same time I feel like all this is from a computer, not in person an thus the intagible cord, the foreign instrument-cold to your finger tips. lol

Notion said...

wat do you mean from a computer

Tai Destiny said...

Are you gonna submit some of your stuff to the site?

-S said...

I really like your work. Im glad you asked me to follow.

Anonymous said...

o! gud lyrics, keep it up!

check out my new blog, wat do u think?

Tai Destiny said...

Ok, so you have three options:

Submit your stuff at www.atitagain.net on the "contact us" page...

email your stuff to us at letushearyou@gmail.com


Use the forum site that you signed up on and send it through a message on that site. either to atitagain-admin or tai-again.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE this mann yourr good
i wish i couldd put words toogether
in a haramonyy likee that !

good jobb i lovee it lol !