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I'm Lejon Mumford from Detroit Michgan. I'm 17 about to be 18 on Nov 28th. I love writing poetry and I actually started after my father passed away in December of 2006. I wrote a poem in his Obituary that i thought was really good, and it took me three months to write again and my baby inspired it in march when i wrote a poem about my father on the internet. It sparked a lot of comments on Facebook so i pretty much have been writing ever since. Although since then my writing abilities have grown and using my two favorite rappers (Eminem, Lupe) I have pulled inspiration from their lyrics time and time again. Oh and i really have gotten alot of inspiration out of Linkin Park also. When I write I'm able to become any one, which means it's a different point of view thus my name becomes Notion because I am a living concept or depiction of everything when I'm holding my pen.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quiet thinking

If I could trade my life for yours i would

you don't have to trail behin stars as mere dust

just gast be left as proof that another was here

beause in a world of pitch black you don't have to rush

because it's the same every wer you look

you don't play back the sounds they made before becoming what they are

or how they dim when you think they won't

when you depend on he light they warn you beore their end

I would love to be you

at least for now i can retend

1 comment:

Brosreview said...

Pardon me, there are quite a few typos there making it difficult to feel this one mate.

"just gast be left as proof that another was here"

Not sure what you mean here.

But I shall complement you for the second verse. I like the feel there. But, you could improvise on this one.

Keep writing!!!