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I'm Lejon Mumford from Detroit Michgan. I'm 17 about to be 18 on Nov 28th. I love writing poetry and I actually started after my father passed away in December of 2006. I wrote a poem in his Obituary that i thought was really good, and it took me three months to write again and my baby inspired it in march when i wrote a poem about my father on the internet. It sparked a lot of comments on Facebook so i pretty much have been writing ever since. Although since then my writing abilities have grown and using my two favorite rappers (Eminem, Lupe) I have pulled inspiration from their lyrics time and time again. Oh and i really have gotten alot of inspiration out of Linkin Park also. When I write I'm able to become any one, which means it's a different point of view thus my name becomes Notion because I am a living concept or depiction of everything when I'm holding my pen.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Lost to a Song

I listen to it so much now
Every word is embedded in my memory
But I feel better because the artist can relate to me
I don’t know if the creator knows
In the since to fold for another’s will like me

But this song I knew not the words
Not a single chorus nor verse
But I would play it over and over
Until I was addicted to it’s rhythmic beat
And take me eternal seat when it plays

Until I listened
Until I listened to each word and verse
did I understand… my acquired curse
Because the notion of me is over before it began
I am nothing but her sands and only when

And I mean when she decides to let me fall
For the hour of space I get to receive
But this song eave verse was about love
Me and this artist are the same in this tamed untamed
War … endless War

This love man
It’s a pure sword and the end you gain your strength
So too will your heart find it’s way to bend
And if you have to bleed at the business end
Then do so with out sin

And if not either then stay confused like me
And become “the used”
Like me in a “lunacy fringe”
And that wall not to cross,
on the top you’ll still see my foot prints of my leap


Brosreview said...

Interesting!!! This is quite good!!! I love the title and of course the description too. But, I reckon you could work on this one last time. No offence meant. Cheers!!!

mojo.espenilla said...

Hey there, I added my followers list onto my site now. So yeah feel free to follow my random thoughts and whatnot (:
Feelin your poem them. Very nice.

Notion said...

okay Brosreview i'll think about it and thanks, but mojo fa show i will follow that blog

Walker said...

Sometimes the words are meaningless just the music lays it all out for you to put your own feelings to it

Notion said...

yea i feel you

Anonymous said...

some songs do that to you !! really loved the read :)

Notion said...

thanks so much