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I'm Lejon Mumford from Detroit Michgan. I'm 17 about to be 18 on Nov 28th. I love writing poetry and I actually started after my father passed away in December of 2006. I wrote a poem in his Obituary that i thought was really good, and it took me three months to write again and my baby inspired it in march when i wrote a poem about my father on the internet. It sparked a lot of comments on Facebook so i pretty much have been writing ever since. Although since then my writing abilities have grown and using my two favorite rappers (Eminem, Lupe) I have pulled inspiration from their lyrics time and time again. Oh and i really have gotten alot of inspiration out of Linkin Park also. When I write I'm able to become any one, which means it's a different point of view thus my name becomes Notion because I am a living concept or depiction of everything when I'm holding my pen.

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Slave to Lips

Let me revisit, this woman suductive like mistress

taking from my soul, my conscience my ambitions,

and put in my eyes the wonders of all that is tempting,

from her legs to breast, the soft curves of her chest,

her backside, that i squeeze tighter but even more gentle than her breast

she can take me to places this woman never could reach

the walls that i breech,

could make man's scream screech,

when his outlet lets children free,

this use of the words with double e's

stand for every enjoyment of she,

no boundaries are between two people who fiend

no room too small not to scream,

until pleasure chases your short acceptance in dreams,

complete control she holds so boldly plucking my fruitful love

tasking it as her own, she

pleases and weakens me because being faithful i am not with this queen,

this queen of the damned i eat, and drink,

and give's the kisses that belong to the one i leave,

the silhouette of lust filled lips,

are the most dangerous whips that hit backs with each thought,

enslaving you with each craving,

the way she dips you in her depth and you find your self bathing

keeping her scent closer, and one sniff

takes your vision to strokes and dips,

moans and screams from the top of your cliffs,

to the satisfied whispers with a small lisp,

and your bodies under sheets complete the portrait

of pure weakness to the sweet sweet pleasures of flesh,

from the clothes on the floor, wet sheets,

to the descriet do not disturb sign out side our hotel door


Kara said...

Yes, basically.

Lauren-Maytee--X said...

wow, your lyrics are amazingly beautiful!

They Just Call Her Helen said...


I'm glad for your little piece of advice and shall sure tell her. She's made friends with him again so... :D